Sunday, July 10, 2005

Two Down, One To Go

I had stumbled upon a "Small Revolution Rumor Faq" that had been on the Nintendo Forums and Revolution Rumors made by PROGRAMMING_DUDE. It has a series of questions concerning rumors associated with the Nintendo Revolution. One of the Q & As on there was:

Q. But what about Gorgonbox? And the rumour about Reggie, Saturo Iwata, and Shigeru Miyamoto talking secretly through it?

A. Gorgonbox may be a viral type campaign like used with Orbis Labs (The campaign for Metroid Prime 2:Echoes), although, I don't think that Nintendo Corp.'s Spokesperson, best game concept designer, and President are secretly communicating through it. The rumour about Reggie being Aries, Saturo being VirgoGRGN, and Shigeru being LeoGRGN are false. Aries and the people helping him out are just further exploiting this lie to make more people believe. And the fact that these two new people's names conflict with the Gorgonbox just makes it obvious that it's not real. If 3 employees of Nintendo were to be secretly talking to each other, it would not be in an un-encrypripted site like, and it would not be Nintendo three most known and powerful people.

I had not fully known the whole Gorgonbox thing but now its cleared up. Unless who I talked to was a fake posing as the real VirgoGRGN, I proved him as a fake in a previous post. He then helped me find LeoGRGN to be fake, as he couldn't even spell Shigeru's name right. He kept switching from Shigero and Shigeru. Aries though on the other hand, I dunno if it's Reggie or not, but he did predict some stuff like the downloadable classics, which there is no way someone could have guessed. Plus, if Gorgonbox was used with MP2, it's not original and therefor not a good "official" way. It tends to be the copied ways to rumor that are fake.

Guts 'n Glory

New rumor from the Nintendo Forums from LINKCALIBUR

"Guts 'n Glory

Developer: Zoonami
Publisher: Nintendo

A unique FPS hard under work by both Zoonami and Nintendo. Expected to be a mega launch title for the Revolution.

The player stars as a no-name soldier whose abilities are to slaughter thousands, complete war missions, and to save his own country. You are also capable of playing through 50 War Missions and Multiplayer Grudge Matches either WIFI online or off.

*Huge single player campaign.

*Supports up to 4 players in offline multiplayer (with use of 3 other visors and controls).

*WIFI online enabled multiplayer with friends.

*WIFI online multiplayer creates one of the biggest online mutiplayer matches in the world. Allowing players to be separated into their own country and play against another. Armies up to 100,000 per country. (Russia Vs. USA ect.)

*45 multiplayer modes included.

*Over 100 mulitplayer maps. Some of 100 sq feet up to 25 sq miles.

* 80 different vehicles: Cars, Hummers, motorbikes, boats, tanks, helicopter, planes, jets, and futuristic transportation.

*250 differently well design weaponry.

* Rated Mature.

*FPS like no other. Using the most sophisticated FPS controls and movements that will allow players to immerse themselves into the combat like never before.

*Designed by the creator of GoldenEye and Perfect Dark."

Anybody could easily make this up. It sounds like it would be a nice game, but we need sources people.

Too Much Seriousness In One Day?

SeriousGamer007 posted in his blog earlier today about a revolution in technology changing the future of humanity in the form of the Nintendo Revolution coming March 01, 2006, well evidentally crazy comments like that wasn't enough. He posted again not long ago saying the Revolution WILL BE the most powerful and revolutionary console yet.

"It will offer the most innovation ever combined into one generation of gaming. As a matter of fact it will have more innovation then all the previous console generations combined. Dating all the way back from the Atari to the Nintendo Gamecube."

"The console will revolutionize the gaming world with over 20 years of history through downloads of old games from the NES to the Nintendo 64 to new ways of gaming that will usher in a new era of entertainment that existed only in fantasy. Something you may only see in a movie like Star Trek."

These comments sound pretty nuts. Either he's hit the head on the nail and Revolution will be the best thing since Internet, or else he's another fake rumor spreader out there in our crazy mixed up world of ours. I believed him on his other information, but this ultimate hype is kinda getting out of hand. Is he serious?

SeriousGamer Is Serious About March 1st

SeriousGamer seems to be set on a release date of Revolution being March 01, 2006. Now for all of you who don't know who he is, he's someone who evidentally knows just about everything about Revolution. I have a link to his blog on the right side of this page. He posted again today talking about how things can change technology forever and what not, and that the Revolution is coming in March 01, 2006. I personally believe a release on that date could easily be real. Its right about the perfect time for them to launch. As in his information he has released though, of any of the rumoured information out there, it always seems to be the most accurate. Most say a price point of $200 or less, but he says $250. I used to think $200, but never really thought about it. $250 is more sense, they have to make some sort of profit, and if the X360 ends up being $350, its still significantly less than that. For more information, just check his blog.

Controlling The Revolution

Well this picture of a controller still seems to be going around. This is what SeriousGamer said was controller? Now of course this is all speculation and is not official in any way, but personally I wouldn't be surprised if this was the controller. Seems to look comfortable to hold, and it could feature some sort of haptic feedback that can make you feel the buttons, and feel the sensation of pushing down buttons, and yes that type of technology is availible.

Nintendo DS: Move On Over PSP

Well I said I'd post more than just Revolution stuff, but also big stuff happening for other systems. One of the big things the PSP has had over the NDS is emulation. They evidentally have NES, Genesis, SNES, GBA and more! Well now it seems that the NDS is getting its taste of emulation with NES and SNES emulators. They are still kinda in beta, but it shows progress and work on them. I havn't come across any good DS emulators to test them out, or any way to get them to myt DS, but thats problem... Unlike the PSP, it's very hard to get information from your computer to your DS. Hopefully the Play-Yan with SD card slot and internet will fix that. Any of you who know any good DS emulators to test these NES and SNES emulators on, be sure to leave a link in the comments.

Article on Engadget on NDS Emulation